Connecting Resources, Knowledge And Needs…

Welcome to the extended family of people who are dedicated to Lifting Up Africa.

Lift Up Africa is a US nonprofit with an extensive network of partners and projects in East Africa. We support sustainable, community led projects that address poverty, malnutrition, lack of education and health care, and the impact of climate change on people, crops, animals and the environment. Each project is carefully selected and supported with input from our partners, donors, volunteers and staff.

In our work, Lift Up Africa, has learned that simple, beautiful and small is effective. It does not take huge expenditures to save lives and provide a healing touch. Simple, inexpensive solutions make a real difference in the lives of our colleagues in Africa.

Since 2004, Lift Up Africa has collaborated with communities throughout East Africa on Health Care, Education, Ecology/natural resources and Water. Please join us in our work and help us change lives.

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